And so it begins……

My very first post….I’m actually doing this!! I’m Ciara and I just graduated, from a course which has led me to be sitting here and writing this…..

The truth be told, I have been thinking about blogging for ages. I hope to use blogging as a way to share my thoughts (if anyone is actually interested or cares!!!) They will always be honest….if I don’t like something I will tell you and equally if I love something I will tell you and I am by no means anywhere near an expert on any of this stuff and everything I write will be my own, truthful opinion. I haven’t always been interested in blogging but as I have gotten older (and hopefully wiser) I realized I needed to put some energy into something I really enjoy doing. Life is short, do the things you love to do!

I’m little obsessed with makeup, its a love that has grown over time. Suddenly makeup has become huge in Ireland and there are thousands of amazing Irish make up artists, bloggers, snap-chatters and YouTubers sharing their looks, inspiration and product reviews all giving great advise and tips……

They have me hooked!

I’m not a very ‘arty’ person but I do enjoy painting peoples faces….even more than my own and was pretty OK at it. But seeing the latest looks and trends emerging now which are inspired by the the runways in Paris/London/NY and watching all the YouTube videos in the world….. I decided I needed some proper training.

If going to college proved anything to me, it was that a qualification is always handy to have in your arse pocket….just incase!

I did one or two short courses on makeup but these were just general attendance courses in which I received a certificate of completion but I wanted to do a more intense course which would give me a recognized qualification…if I was going to spend the money doing the course it needed to give me something in return….an ITEC qualification.

But for ages there was nothing that jumped out at me and living in Limerick narrowed my options as I would have had to travel to Cork, Galway, or Dublin and to do a part time evening course (it had to be evening course as I work full time in Limerick) and travel two evenings a week to another city wasn’t very plausible!

One evening a friend tagged me in a post on Facebook for Dream Creative Academy…. a new….fully ITEC accredited… college….in Limerick city center….I actually couldn’t believe it….shit like that usually never works out for me… so realizing this was my chance to actually do it, I emailed them in 3 second flat!

So I was invited  to go into take a look at the college and see what the craic was with the different type of courses they offered and the facilities and things….First impressions were excellent, it was newly kitted out with 3 studios which could take up to 12 students at a time and when I got to talk to Jenny the college manager about the courses I handed over the deposit that day to complete the ‘Dream’ makeup course…..12 weeks, two evenings a week, 3 hours each evening, it was pretty intense, especially when I was working full time but I enjoyed my time there immensely

I will do another post about my time at Dream Creative Academy later after I get the OK from them to do so but here are some pictures of me graduating after my exams and they all important ITEC cert!!



That kinda just a little bit on how I ended up deciding to start the blog,  I will be blogging more soon about some looks which I have done and on my favourite trends and products.

But until then just remember…….. Money cant buy happiness……but it can buy makeup….(CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESSEY….I know)


Ciara x