Give a girl the right tools and she can conquer the world!!

Aside from my uncontrollable urge to buy makeup, the second, addiction of mine is makeup brushes. It is very true to say, give a girl the right tools and she can conquer the world. There is not much point going to the beauty counter and spending your hard earned cash on great makeup without also investing in the right brushes to get it onto your face!!

I suppose one of the main things to understand is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting the correct brushes, its just whatever suits your skin and budget.

Brush sets are as varied as all the makeup brands in the world. There are choices out there to suit everyone budget and style but here I have picked out my favourite type of each brush…………..

Foundation Brush

I love the Blank Canvas collection, they are quiet affordable but still really high quality and my favourite foundation brush from the collection is the F03 Stippling brush. Its really soft, great for getting that buffed finish on your foundation. The bristles are a synthetic so they wont soak up all your foundation, it also washes very well, mine has hardly lost a bristle and it washes back to perfect every time and I have it almost a year.You can order online here

A definite must have in my brush case.

F03 Stippling Brush – Photo credit

Concealer Brush

Irish girls all love Penneys (Primark everywhere outside Ireland) and I’m absolutely no exception….if it weren’t for Penneys I would have hardly any clothes but my bank balance would be a LOT healthier! In the past year Penneys have really upped their game when it comes to the makeup accessories that they are stocking and the makeup brands which they now sell in store. One of my top picks from their rose gold brush collection is the P.S double ended stipple brush. I use the small side to blend my under eye concealer and the bigger end if I need to blend a cream contour. Unfortunately you’ll have to check your nearest Penneys to get your hand on one of these but maybe its a good thing, for whats left of my bank balance, that Penneys dont sell online!!!!!!!!!

Double-Ended Stippling Brush
P.S Rosegold double ended stippling brush – Photo credit


Powder Brush

Morphe are another brand which do a huge number of brushes and cover every price range. I have their 11 piece pro set which I got when I enrolled in my makeup course and I have two favourite brushes from it and one is the M180 powder brush. Its cheap and cheerful but it absolutely does the trick for me. One small issue I had was it did lose a few bristles when I started using it but after two washes it stopped shedding. You can buy online from UK based site Beauty Bay here

Image result for M180 - TAPERED POWDER morphe
M180 Powder brush – Photo Credit

Blusher Brush

On the higher end of the scale, price wise, my perfect blusher brush is the MAC 116, super soft, really helps to blend your blusher in just perfectly as its not too big and it can also be used to apply your highlighter. Get yours here on the MAC UK website or if your feeling flush Brown Thomas are giving a free gift of a full sized MAC TenderTalk lipbalm with every purchase over €75

MAC 116 Blusher/Highlighter Brush – Photo credit


Contour Brush

I mentioned earlier that I had two favourite brushes from my Morphe pro brush set and the second one is this beaut. This is a very versatile brush, it can be used for blusher, highlighting,contouring and occasionally foundation depending on what your using. I mainly use it to apply my powder contour but have been know to use it to apply MAC face & body foundation which has a very thin consistency and can be hard to work into your skin with the stipple brush. The tapered shape of this brush is prefect to fit right under your cheek bones to apply the contour product. If your ordering the powder brush above you may aswell order this too and avail of the free shipping from Beauty Bay on orders above €18…… Again another reason for my ever shrinking  bank balance….’just buy an extra two things and shur I’ll get the free shipping then’………………

Image result for m435 morphe
M435 Morphe Contour Brush – Photo credit


Eye Brushes

Out of all the brushes mentioned  above if its one thing I have its enought eyeshadow brush to share with half the county…..But my favourite is, well, its an amazing eyeshadow brush set actually. I bought this set from AYU brushes after seeing Marissa Carter positively gush about them on snapchat. AYU are an Irish company  which aim to make high quality brushes at an affordable price. In my eyes the have certainly done so. I bought the ‘All About Eyes’ four piece brush set, it arrived in two days and the quality of the brushes has to be seen to be believed especially with a price tag of just €22.50 for the four brushes (AYU blender, AYU pro blender, AYU pencil/precision brush and the AYU angled liner/brow brush) I use mine every day and they have lasted countless washes. You can pop over to the AYU website here to get your hands on these


AYU All About Eyes Brush Set – Photo credit


And last but not least

Lip Brush

To be honest I have never spent any more than €10 euro on a lip brush (maybe I should???) but as soon as I use a lip brush to do a strong coloured lip its next to impossible, with all the brush cleaner, shampoo and scrubbing in the word to get the colour off the brush as a lot of lipstick is so full of pigment. So if you do want some that cheap and cheerful, almost disposable as its price range and you can put it into your purse on a night out…. Penneys (Primark) strikes again with this glorious P.S retractable rose gold lip brush. An absolute steal for €2…..Check your local Penneys for stock…they always have them in Limerick…. but you know yourself…when they are gone..they are gone.


Enlarged photo
P.S Retractable Rose Gold Lip Brush – Photo credit


Once you have your brushes look after them, clean them and wash them. I use the Estee Lauder Brush Cleaner to give them quick clean. Boots stock this and its a bargin at €16.50

download (2)
Estee Lauder Brush Cleanser – Photo credit

Then to wash my brushes I use an antibacterial soap or shampoo.

So there you have it, my favourite brushes. If you were to ask me out of all brushes, which I couldn’t survive without….I would say the AYU ‘All About Eyes’ brush set and the Blank Canvas F03 stipple brush.

I know there are tonnes more brushes I could have picked but these are my favourites.

Just remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to using makeup brushes, if you feel like using powder brush to put on your highlighter or a contour brush to blend your foundation then go for it….. use whatever works for you!

Til next time remember (cheesy one liner alert):

May your day be as flawless as your makeup (Jesus I have to stop with these!!!!!)

Ciara x