StylPro brush cleaner 

A few weeks ago I spent roughly about 2 hours shampooing and washing my makeup brushes and then had to set up a wire rack and lay them all out individually to dry overnight….. It’s pretty painful. 

I had heard and read many many reviews about the Stylpro….so I went in search. Boots didn’t have  in store and we’re sold out online….  A good sign but I wanted one…. Like now 

I eventually  found stock in McCabes Pharmacy  in the crescent shopping center in Limerick. It retailed at €69.95 which is a little pricey I know, but if it saved me an hour and a half of being elbow deep in the sink it would be worth it. 

I wasnt that impresses with the packaging, but to be honest I didn’t spend too much time looking at it, I ripped the box open as soon as I got home.

So it comes with a few bits,  see picture below:

It looks way more complicated  than it is,  basically you attach the brush to the collar, the collar to the spinal and the spinal to device. The device is what makes it spin.  

Only one problem with the whole thing….. It didn’t include brush cleaner!!!! 

They do recommend that you use their brand cleaner but they didn’t give me any, so I used the Estee Lauder makeup brush cleaner. It’s brilliant and gentle on the brushes.

There is a mark line which it tells you to fill to, and the instruction s tell you what concentration if solution you should use.  All this means is for foundation/concealer brushes don’t dilute the brush cleaner solution with water. I of course was so busy  trying to test it out and didn’t read this bit and diluted the cleaner…. Cleaned the brushes…. Well all it did was wet them….  The foundation  didn’t come of….  Here’s me then distraught that it doesn’t work…. So thinking I had done something  wrong I then read the instructions, three out what was in the bowl and added neat brush cleaner to the bowl and tried again…  And they came out literally as good as new!!  

But the real genius in this product is that it also dries the brushes too….. When done spinning the brushes in the solution hold the brush above the solution and spin again to dry off. 

I made a little  voice to show you what I mean! 

So verdicts, probably  8/10….. 

Loses 2 marks for not including cleaner with the set and is probably not that breathes for the brushes long term, you’ll see how far they open up from spinning in the video. But it does reduce a 2 hour job to a 30 minute job…. Which is why I love it!  

If you want to get one of your own you can do here 

And the Estee Lauder brush cleaner here

Any questions about the StylPro comment below.

Until next time

Ciara x