Foundations fight it out….Part 1

Having bought more than a few new foundations on my travels to the states, I decided to pit some of them against each other in a head to head to see which I thought was best. I will try to compare high end versus pharmacy brands to see which I think is better. I will compare them using four categories:

Value for money, Coverage, How long they last, How they feel on my skin.

I used the same setting powder (Inglot), concealer (Mac Prolong Wear NW20) and blush (Inglot 26). My own skin is combination, so I do get an oily T-zone!

First up is the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – Ceylan

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation –  Ceylan Photocredit

There has been a lot of talk about this product amoungst bloggers and this was recommended to me by my cousin so I picked up a sample pot. I firmly believe in trying before buying! Especially if your like me and have sensitive skin.


Value for money:

Priced at €43 its on the higher end of the scale for a foundation, but if you feel like splashing out it is at a cheaper price point than the Dior and Armani foundations.


I found the coverage as it says sheer, but heavy enough to cover my blemishes, I did use the prolong wear concealer to cover the redness. It definitely didn’t feel caked on at all

Lasting :

The picture above was taken after wearing the foundation all day, I was out for the day and I ate and drank. It lasted very well through out the day and didn’t required a touch up at all. used only a small bit of the Inglot setting powder. I was impresses as the coverage isn’t very heavy but it never budged all day.


It felt very light weight on my skin, the only down side of this foundation is that it did get shiny around the T-zone after an hour or two. The make up didn’t come off but did leave me with a shiny nose. NARS does recommend this for Normal – Dry skin which would account for this oiliness.

The NARS foundation is available to buy here from Brown Thomas:

Second up was the Catrice Cosmetics HD Liquid Coverage Foundation – Rose Beige


This I bought in Penneys, but Catrice is available in pharmacies. I was a bit skeptical about this, i had heard mixed reports about it being patchy and very thick, but I was shocked to see the results of it on my skin. Its one of the best foundations I have ever used!


Value for money:

This one is on the very low end of the scale, priced at just €7.90 in Penneys is a bargain,  and we all love a bargain. It would be handy to just pick up to have in your Makeup bag at this price.


The coverage on this is AMAZING, I needed only a tiny bit of the MAC prolong wear concealer to cover my dark circles. It covered all the red patches and evened it the skin tone really well, even covering uneven pigmentation around my eyes.

Lasting :

Again the picture above was taken after wearing it all day to work, it honestly never moved all day,  after work I would usually have  lost a good but around my mouth and nose area cause i tend to touch my face a lot when I’m sitting at my desk at work. I didn’t get oily at all around my T-zone, which is something I struggle with, with a lot of foundations. You can see from the picture it stayed matte….all day. Its been on my face since 7.00 am. This picture was taken at 6.00pm


Not as light weight as the NARS foundation it did feel a little heavier but definitely didn’t feel in any way caked on or thick when applying.  It does dry matte so it gave me what felt like a powder finish which i like in a foundation anyway.

The Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation is available to buy here from Sam McCauleys

The Verdict:

I did really like both……. but the oiliness of the NARS put me off slightly. I cant believe i’m saying this but the €7.90 Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation wins for me on a few points. The price is obviously one, if you wear make up everyday, this is a very affordable option. I loved the coverage of this product. It was light enough not to feel heavy but had enough coverage to cover my blemishes and the third thing is the matte effect, for someone who suffers from oiliness this product is brilliant.

Let me know if you disagree, comment below.

Until next time,

Ciara x