My Snapchat Superstars

Now a days snapchat is a great medium to express ones self…. and there is an absolute abundance of people to follow. Snapchat is probably my favourite social media platform at the moment. I have just picked out a few of my favourites for you. I have added the snapcodes so all you have to do to add them is scan the code!!

Some of these will come as no surprise…………….

Pippa O’Connor



Probably one of the most recognizable faces in the beauty and modelling  world at the moment in Ireland.  I dont think I know anyone who doesn’t love Pippa’s style. She ticks all the boxes, yummy mummy, entrepreneur, model, wife, style icon. Her snapchat  is full of great tips, style, and of course previews of her own products. Hands up if you love her new POCO by Pippa Jeans!!! If your not following her….do….now


Suzanne Jackson


To be fair, there probably isn’t a person who is into beauty and fashion in Ireland that hasn’t heard of Suzanne Jackson and her blog As the original Irish beauty blogger her brand has now become a powerhouse in Ireland in just 5 years. Her line ranges from fashion, contour pallet, highlighter pallet and her extremely popular lash collection which is available in Penneys. If your a dog lover, Suzanne is the one for you, she has three adorable doggies Coco, Harper and Bella who feature on her snapchat….probably everyday!

Joanne Larby


Joanne is another heavy hitter in the blogging world, a qualified Makeup artist and fitness guru. Joanne provided tips on everything from Gym routines, training plans, nutrition, makeup tips to mental health. Shes definitely and all-rounder! Like Suzanne and Pippa, Joanne has built a beauty empire around her blog. She has recently released a range of makeup brushes called ‘Fairywands’ and will soon launch a lipstick range called ‘Pixie Pout’.

James Patrice

Screenshot_20170403-182242 (2)

What can I say about James Patrice….all out queen who will keep you laughing from one end of the day to the other. Between his DART dancing to telling us all about the life an times of Philomena,Fidelma and Dympna and all the HIYA shoutouts James will keep you all roaring laughing. If that isn’t enough then theres Fron. Behind every man there is a strong woman and Fron (James’ mammy) is no exception. I cant think of any words that will do Fron justice….go follow James to see how much of a legend Fron really is!

Marissa Carter


Starting her Cocoa Brown business just a few years ago, Marissa is now the owner of the fastest selling tan brand in the world! You wont meet anyone who hasn’t heard of Cocoa Brown! Its a personal favourite of mine!! On her snapchat Marissa give a sneak peak of what goes on in her world. I love following Marissa, I know this sounds really cheesy now but she truly is very inspirational. Her drive and determination as well as her wanting to help other woman in business is really evident on her snapchat story. I would urge young woman to who have an interest in starting a business to follow Marissa.

Sineads Curvy Style


Sinead O’Brien is a Limerick based snapchatter who is an absolute breathe of fresh air. On snapchat Sinead give loads of AMAZING style tips, shows us her fashion hauls and tells us what her favourite beauty products. She is a plus size model and often features on RTE’s today show. Sinead is also a soprano singer and takes us with her when she sings in Thomond Park ahead of Munster Rugby games. What I really love about Sinead is her honesty, shes not afraid to say what she’s thinking or how she is feeling,,,,,and for this I love her!!!!

Michelle Regazzoli- Stone


Michelle who is also know as MRS Makeup is one of my favourite makeup artist on Snapchat. She often features with Suzanne Jackson whom she works quiet a lot with. She is a busy freelance makeup artist and often shows us her beautiful bridal looks. I love her tips and makeup tutorials and demos.




For anyone who didn’t know….Penneys is on snapchat. They do amazing run downs of new products, buyer favourites and basically show us everything that we will buy the next time we go in!

Paula MacSweeney

Screenshot_20170403-185545 (1)

Anyone that listens to Today FM will know sweetpmac, Paula does the early breakfast show and does the entertainment news on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show, which I listen to avidly everyday on my way to work. Paula snapchat is full of slow cooking, wines and her basically laughing. I do particularly like the bits she get from the news papers….. and her laugh!!!!!!!!!


The Blogging Bride


A new blogger and snapchatter like myself the blogging bride gives great insight into her wedding plans, and shares great tips and tricks. Great to follow especially if your in the run up to your own big day!


But my favourite………….

Doireann Garrihy

Screenshot_20170403-182209 (2)If you dont follow any of the others….follow Doireann. She makes me laugh out loud more than a few times a day. Her impressions of the Snapchatters who I have listed before her are EPIC!!!!!! Her mother Claire is a legebag ( for the buns!) Her style is amazing…shes a big lover of Zara and she does the best and most random Q&As…. and her mantra (stolen from her dad) has weirdly now become mine….’No one gives a Fuck about you’. Dzoireann….. your  a legend. (No thats not a spelling mistake……follow her and you’ll know why)


And……after all that I will now shamelessly plug my own snapchat in case this crew weren’t enough!!



Until Next time,

Ciara x