Makeup & Beauty Q&A

I had a good lot of requests to do a makeup and beauty Q&A on Snapchat but I realize that a good number of my followers are not on Snapchat. Not wanting to make these followers feel left out I promised to do a blog post on the Q&A so it would be here to look on…… I was nervous enough about doing the Q&A as its hard to judge if people will interact or not. I had loads of questions in so here are my answers!……

Q1. How long does it take me to do a full face of makeup?

A: Depends, if I was going to a wedding about an hour by they time I have lashes on and everything. In the mornings….10 minutes.

Q2. Penneys Lip Crayons dont stay on long enough, how do I get them to last?

A: MAC do a really good lip primer if you want to invest, otherwise plenty of lip balm or else go over them with a similar shade of lipstick for a bit of extra moisture!

Q3. What is my favourite foundation?

A: This changes all the time,, at the moment its the Bourjois Healthy Mix, tomorrow it could be different!!!

Q4. Do I always contour?

A: No! Only if I was going out or going somewhere, not really for everyday!

Q5. What is baking?

A: Its a weird term used by makeup artists, it is putting a thick layer of translucent setting powder over where ever you want to set and leaving it on for however long you want. It basically ‘cooks’ your make up to set it. I dont really like it as it can give flashback in photographs.

Q6. What Mascara would I recommend?

A: At the moment I’m using the Bourjois one…and I’m starting not to like it…So the Lancome Hypnose ones are really good, they do go off quickly but they are great for volume, an investment at €26!

Q7. What Primers do I use?

A: First one I use is Porefessional by Benefit, Catrice do one which is like it, its called Prime and prep and Rimmel do a great one called Lasting Finish, its great to take that oily sheen away. That and strobe cream which isnt really a primer!

Q8. Whats my favourite brand?

A: Again its rally hard to pick one, I love Inglot, MAC, Benefit. I dont really buy whole ranges of stuff…. i like the Inglot blushes and eyeshadows, I like the MAC foundations, Benefit brows range…. but Inglot is up there!

Q9. How did I become interested in makeup?

A: Up until a couple of years ago, I used to wear makeup but never really took that much of an interest in it. As everyone know makeup has become HUGE! I have a stressful enough day job at times and was looking for something to help unwind and a bit of a hobby, so I started watching YouTube videos and really getting into it.

Q10. Have I done any training or courses?

A: A couple of years ago I did a 6 week basic beginners course with Caroline Bourke and I thought, yeah….I love this, so I wanted to do something taht would give me a qualification or a cert.Last year Dream Creative Academy opened in Limerick and I did an ITEC accredited makeup course with them. It was 10/12 weeks( I cant remember) 2 evenings a week and three hours and evening…but I LOVED it. So now I’m an ITEC certified makeup artist! I would highly recommend Dream Creative Academy to anyone looking to do the same

Q11. Do I do peoples makeup?

A: Yes i do makeup for friend and stuff, I had thought about going into it full on…..but kits are expensive…as is insurance so we’ll see maybe in the future!

Q12. Who are my favourite Makeup Artists?

A: Tara Makeup, Michelle Regazzoli Stone and Paula Callan….. I could list 100 here but these are my top 3!

Q13. What is the best way to wash makeup brushes?

A: I have a StylePro brush cleaner, that really good, it is expensive though at €70. Penneys do a really good cleaning soap thing which is fantastic but yiu have to leave the brushes dry after using it… that the advantage of the StylePro…it dries them as well. If you are doing other peoples makeup brushes should be washes 3-4 times per week and brush cleaner used in between each client. For my own brushes I would wash them maybe once a week….or fortnight depending on how much I use them. Very important to wash them!

Q14. Do I wear lashes?

A: Not everyday, I would wear the strip lashes or the Penneys cluster lashes if I was going out or going to something. The glue wouldn’t really agree with my eyes to wear it everyday.

Q15. What product was I most disappointed by?

A: The NARS foundation, it would just not sit on my face, I dunno why! I do have oily skin so maybe that it and I tried it a few times. I must try another of their foundations to see if they are any better

Q16 Foundation first or concealer first?

A: Depends…If I am doing heavy eye make up I would conceal, do my eyes, foundation then more concealer, other wise foundation and the concealer.

Q17 What are my favourite brushes?

A: I did a blog post on this….heres the link:

Q18: Who are my top 5 bloggers?

A: I’m gonna go with the ususal…SoSue…Pippa….I love James Patrice, Paula MacSweeney from TodayFM…. But my absolute fave is Doireann Garrihy!!!!! Baz Ashmawy…notable mention! 🙂

Q19 What shampoo would I recommend?

A: I have really fine hair and I tried the Cocoa Brown Shampoo and it was brilliant! Who would have thought for €3 a bottle. Because my hair is so fine it gets really knotty and the conditioner was one of the best to detangle!

Q20 Whats my skin care routine like?

A: Its pretty crap!!!! I use a cleanser by ROC…they dont make it anymore…..I use makeup wipes….I shouldn’t be admitting to that! They are so bad for your skin. I use a ROC Multi Correctional moisturiser or else L’Oreal Night Repair….I’m really crap! One thing I dont use is the Micelluar water, it leaves my skin like sandpaper so I stay away from it! Plenty of face masks though…I did a snapchat recently on the L’Oreal Clay masks…LOVE THEM! I need to get better at skin care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q21. If the house was burning down and everyone one safe…..what 3 makeup items would I save???

A: So hard!!!!!!!! 1, The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter, its my favourite highlighter in the world…….its really hard to pick as I have so much stuff!!!! 2, My Anastasia Beverly Hills Pallet, 3, my brushed…..

Who am I kidding I’d be throwing all the makeup out the window before myself!

Q22. Have I any advise for someone beginning?

A: Yes…….Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice practice, practice practice, practice practice, practice ……..and practice! If I showed you a picture of makeup I did last year to now there is huge improvement and its important to practice on other faces besides your own!

Q23 Will I do an eyeliner tutorial?????

YES!!!!! Will be the next one I do on my new YouTube Channel:

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So there  you have it, I will do more Q&A’s but if you have any questions leave a comment below, or on Facebook, Instagram or send me a snapchat! all links on my social page


Until Next Time,

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