Enchant by Joanne Larby – *Pixie Pout*

Its fair to say…..I LOVE LIPSTICK! When Joanne Larby launched her Enchant brand late last year with her fairy wand makeup brushes it was inevitable that there would be other products from the brand. Joanne,  famous for her perfect pout, then brought out a collection of lip kits or Pixie Pouts as the next installment for Enchant.

I have heard lots of opinions on the products which bloggers bring out as just trying to cash in on the popularity of their brand, but when I finally went to buy my Pixie Pout and seeing the boxes of lip kits laid out in the pharmacy its pretty clear that Joanne really has put a lot of thought and effort into her lip kits which to me are not the actions of someone who is cashing in for a quick buck!

The packaging is a striking rose gold which caught the light on the the display, making it stand out from every other product on the shelf and its a nice change from the usual black packaging most makeup comes in. The lip kit which retails at €34.99 comes in three collections, BRIGHT, BOLD, and BARE. Eyeing them up on the shelf I decided that it was summer and I needed the Bright collection…. and I really didn’t need any more nude lipstick in my life!

Bright Pixie Pout Photo Credit http://www.themakeupbag.ie
The kits contains 3 matte liquid lipsticks, Apricot Totty, New Neon and Ripest Peach as well as a 3D Wonder Gloss which is clear, so you have the option of Matte or Shine depending on your mood.

Bright Pixie Pout Photo Credit http://www.themakeupbag.ie
I have worn these for about a week before writing this post so and to see how the matte lipstick feels after wearing for a few hours. I will admit that the first day I wore them they did dry out my lips after a few hours, but the second day I had moisturized my lips with a chap stick before applying and the results were much better and they actually lasted a lot longer and didn’t crack and this was through eating and drinking.

Bright Pixie Pout Collection Photo credit http://www.themakeupbag.ie
Then I decided to try with the gloss. Usually I’m not really a gloss fan….its just so much effort to keep your hair out of!!!!!!!!!!! But I did like the 3D Wonder Gloss and it almost changes the colour of the lipsticks ever so slightly which I think is nice! The gloss itself is not sticky but thick which almost gives a plumped feeling to your lips, i did like it to change up the lipsticks but for everyday I would probably stick to the matte.

Two things I loved about the kits are the smell…which is like some kinda of long sampled sweets from my youth and the wand which is inside each lipstick. Its pear shaped which makes it super easy to apply a coat of the lipstick or the gloss evenly and it allows application to the hard to reach corners and cupids bow.

Pear Shaped Wand Applicator Photo Credit http://www.themakeupbag.ie
Two things I didn’t like were the residue that gets left on the wand of the gloss, I really hate when that happens as then your gloss ends up a terrible beige colour! The second thing was that when your replace the wand into the lipstick because the wand is slightly bigger than the hole some of the lipstick comes off and is left around the lip of the tube and can get a bit messy and frankly is a waste of good lipstick…to be fair this happens with most lipsticks with a removable applicator.

My favourite color is definitely Aprioct Totty and I have heard many opinions on the price…..Look if you are like me and would probably spend €50 euro on one lipstick if you thought it was worth it then €34.99 is not a stretch but if your not one to spend money on lipsticks then maybe €34.99 is a few euro too far….its all relative!

Apricot Totty in Matte and Gloss Photo credit http://www.themakeupbag.ie
New Neon in Matte and Gloss Photo credit http://www.themakeupbag.ie
Ripest Peach Matte and Gloss Photo credit http://www.themakeupbag.ie
Joanne has stockist list on her website if you want to fond out where you can get your Pixie Pout, see the link here: http://bit.do/dDs6G or you can also but directly from her website.

Until next time,

Ciara x