Enchant by Joanne Larby – *Pixie Pout*

Its fair to say…..I LOVE LIPSTICK! When Joanne Larby launched her Enchant brand late last year with her fairy wand makeup brushes it was inevitable that there would be other products from the brand. Joanne,  famous for her perfect pout, then brought out a collection of lip kits or Pixie Pouts as the next installment for Enchant. I have heard lots of opinions on the … Continue reading Enchant by Joanne Larby – *Pixie Pout*

Launching my YouTube Channel

Delighted to announce that I have launched a YouTube channel. You’ll find some hopefully interesting Makeup Tutorials and product reviews. A lot of my followers are not on SnapChat and I had requests to share my SnapChat tutorials on Facebook, I thought the best way to do this was through YouTube! As I get a bit more experienced hopefully the quality of these tutorials will … Continue reading Launching my YouTube Channel

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation….my verdict

I definitely have about 20 different bottles of foundation, and I saw a few of the bloggers talking about a new one….so obviously enough I had to have it to add to the ever growing collection of foundation! Bourjois is not usually a brand I would initially think of buying foundation from, so I wasn’t really expecting much from this product especially for the price … Continue reading Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation….my verdict

Foundations fight it out….Part 1

Having bought more than a few new foundations on my travels to the states, I decided to pit some of them against each other in a head to head to see which I thought was best. I will try to compare high end versus pharmacy brands to see which I think is better. I will compare them using four categories: Value for money, Coverage, How long they … Continue reading Foundations fight it out….Part 1


Give a girl the right tools and she can conquer the world!! Aside from my uncontrollable urge to buy makeup, the second, addiction of mine is makeup brushes. It is very true to say, give a girl the right tools and she can conquer the world. There is not much point going to the beauty counter and spending your hard earned cash on great makeup … Continue reading Brushes……